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diane slagle is a pianist, vocalist, and entertainer who began studying classical music as a girl of 8 and turned left at the corner of jazz and world travel when she was 17… She went to Paris to study French language and culture briefly at age 17, then attended Berklee College of Music for two years of fundamental jazz studies after high school. She traveled around the entire country for a few years by car, playing music and working a variety of jobs as well as gigs, raised a beautiful son in Anchorage, AK and, later, Seattle, WA. When her son was finished with college, she returned to her own music studies and graduated summa cum laude after completing her Jazz Piano Performance degree from Cornish College of the Arts in 2017. She has played small ensembles of varying genres, big bands, cabaret shows, musicals, accompanied scores of singers, and has many years of solo and dueling piano bar entertainer gigs all over the world on cruise ships, in clubs, hotels and interesting venues far and wide. She happily makes her home in beautiful Ketchikan, AK with her husband, outdoorsman and poet/storyteller husband, AJ…

diane slagle

“i am restless, things are calling me away, my hair is being pulled by the stars again”
– anais nin

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diane slagle